Hip Hop

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started by everest
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nouvaux ghostface  et  big noyd

started by ghost
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started by kreal
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Abstrackt Keal Agram

started by Remo.
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bordel de merde

started by emothug da smartest kid
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truth enola

started by ghost
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Spider, Cronenberg

started by detect
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Teaser DVD Live from New York dans Tracklist

started by deejekyll
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concerts sur paris

started by wassdedeal
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started by spiktakular
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started by sacre
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pourquoi c'est fashion de dire le rap fr est die ?

started by loftalmo
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Le dernier disque de Rap que vous allez acheter ?

started by graouu
3 983 by Ayor

the Neptunes (encore et encore...)

started by ferragus
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started by Jayb
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comment lance t on un label inde en france?

started by Terror!!
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New Busta Rhymes et Roots

started by K-Mar
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dernier son

started by emothug da smartest kid
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started by emothug da smartest kid
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Princess Superstar en concert

started by 3doigts
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néochrome 3

started by loftalmo
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bbc electronic workshop

started by emothug da smartest kid
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que devient rocca?

started by Tron.
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"Kool est Radikal"

started by izuwitme
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Compilation e-MCs

started by Permone
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active suspension vs clapping music

started by emothug da smartest kid
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Le RAP Français est t il "MORT"?

started by dilo94
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puts next step.

started by petrolking
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Canibus - Mic Club: The Curriclum

started by French-Wu
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big juss ?????

started by emothug da smartest kid
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Low Life Starters

started by 3doigts
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Dj Spinna, la prochaine sortie BBE

started by Emmanuel
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MF Doom aka Viktor Vaughn en mars 2003

started by Emmanuel
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missy tracklisting

started by emothug da smartest kid
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Questions à poser aux MC's anglais ???

started by MaDsta_Geee
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clavier ROland d 20 ?


phrenology nyc tour

started by ***
4 1575 by madwax

feross sur 88.2

started by HendriX
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Souls of Mischief remixé par Edan et RJD2

started by Emmanuel
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La scène rap FR vue par les Anglais

started by Glitz
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Amon Tobin bien placé chez Ninja Tune

started by ***
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started by nicolson
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16/11/2002: Underground Hip Hop

started by Nukey
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PMD et Dj Honda pour 2003

started by Emmanuel
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MURS featuring Digital Underground sur Def Jux

started by Emmanuel
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